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We are Proud to provide fellow local maine business and commercial customers the same access to the purchasing strategies and platforms that we use for our very own Maine stores!

With the current volatility in the New England energy markets, it is important now more than ever to go with the name Maine had trusted for over 65 years. Contact C.N. Brown Electricity to learn more about your electricity options, or fill out our friendly form below!

Fixed Price & Fixed Term

The Simplest way to purchase your electricity supply competitively, a fixed price is designed to pass on an all-inclusive price through the supply portion of your local utility bill for the agreed upon term. C.N. Brown highly recommends that you consider “going long”, meaning up to 36 months, in order to spread out any potential volatility that the Maine energy market is projecting through at least 2018.

Fixed Price- Capacity Pass Through

The Capacity Charge is passed through as a separate item, with all other costs offered as a fixed price. This is common for those customers that may have a currently high capacity tag, or perhaps may be in an industry that would be more likely to produce a high capacity charge at a future date. There are some Customers that are able to keep their capacity low, and may want this as a benefit for getting the most competitive price.

Block & Index Plans

This plan allows large commercial customers to lock up, or fix, a portion of their load with the remainder of the load being billed with the energy markets. This product is designed to avoid large swings and volatility while still taking advantage of the variable rate market. This also allows entities the flexibility of purchasing blocks in certain months of the year that are extremely volatile, such as December through March. By Purchasing a block during these volatile months, our customers can shield themselves from potential price swings in the market. 

What is a Capacity Tag?

Every single user in New England is assigned a Capacity tag, a charge passed on per kWh. Every year the New England System has a peak hour, an hour in which the system has reached its maximum demand.  During that hour a snapshot is taken of the New England grid. The charge is then calculated based on your usage at that moment, and passed onto you for the following year on a per kWh basis. Some customers may have the opportunity to affect their capacity tag by shutting down  or curtailing electric use in the hours that could possibly be the Capacity hour. 

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